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Cofton Village Hall

Cofton Village Hall opened in September 2019 and now has a wide range of activities on offer including Brownies, Yoga,  Pilates, Baby Groups, Street Dance, Children’s Theatre Group,  Sewing, Weight-loss and Fitness Groups.

The building features a large main hall (16m x 10m) for events such as social gatherings, parent and toddler groups, arts and crafts events, exercise classes, lunch clubs and community groups offering a wide range of activities. There is also a community room (8m x 6m)  for meetings and gatherings and a smaller meeting room (5m x 5m). The facility is served by a well-equipped kitchen where meals can be prepared and served.

The hall is run by Chatterley LTD(Facility & Grounds Management) who are responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day operations of the facility including bookings, building, grounds maintenance and marketing.

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